Rent to Own


Do you need more storage?

You Can Have This:

  • 1. A shed delivered to your location
  • 2. Pick your own Style and Color
  • 3. Add to your property value
  • You can STOP paying for self-storage:

  • 1. Away from home
  • 2. Inconvenience
  • 3. No return on your investment
  • Rent to Own Details:

  • 1. To enroll in our rent to own program, we require a down payment equal to three of your monthly payments. After this opening payment, your building will be delivered and set up for you at your location.
  • 2. Since this is a rental program, and not a loan, no credit is required. You are only renting a storage building on a month to month basis for three years.
  • 3. If you wish to purchase the building at any point during the rental period, you may do so by paying 60% of the remaining balance on your 36 month rental agreement.
  • Rent to Own Calculator

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