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Shed Standard Features

Storage Sheds Standard Features

storage shed standard features

Our sheds are manufactured with great attention to detail and we use only quality products to ensure a lifetime of usability. See the diagram and descriptions below to see how our sheds are constructed.

  1. 4×4 pressure-treated skids
  2. 2×4 kiln dried 16″ o.c. floor joists (optional pressure treated)
  3. 5/8″ plywood floor
  4. 2×4 kiln dried plates on all four walls
  5. 24 kiln dried wall studs 16″ o.c.
  6. 1/2″ plywood on vinyl shed and 1/2″ DuraTemp® on wood sheds
  7. Aluminum wrapped soffit and door trim on vinyl sheds and 1/2″ treated exterior composite trim on wood sheds
  8. Strong double gusseted roof trusses 16″ o.c.
  9. 1/2″ Radiant Barrier on the roof (keeps shed up to 15 degrees cooler)
  10. 25-year shingles (optional 30-year architectural)
  11. Aluminum drip edge
  12. End vent or ridge vent (optional)
  13. Aluminum windows with grid
  14. Maintenance-free vinyl siding
  15. Louver shutters
  16. Maintenance-free fiberglass doors (standard on vinyl sheds & optional on wood sheds)
  17. Double 2×4 plates on top of all 4 walls (on standard barns)
  18. Gravel pad (optional)

Deluxe Features

Construction Details unique to Deluxe Line of Sheds

English Cottage • Deluxe Carriage • Colonial Barn • Milk House • Chalet

deluxe doors

with transom in door or above door in wall

steeper roof pitch

to give a deluxe look

3.5 inch trim

LP trim on corners and windows, on Vinyl or wood sheds

gable overhang

to add a deluxe look to the ends of the shed

deluxe door hinges

to give a classic barn-style look to your shed

matching fascia trim

the corner trim and the fascia trim are painted the same color


Window trim with deluxe shutters

Classic Features

Construction Details unique to Classic Line of Sheds

A-Frame • Classic Quaker • Dutch • Holland • Mini Barn

fiberglass doors

on vinyl sheds

wood doors

on wooden sheds

standard roof pitch

with no Gable overhang

2.5 inch corner

on wooden sheds

vinyl corner trim

on vinyl sheds


No window trim and standard vinyl shutters

metal fasica

Standard metal fascia on vinyl barns

wood fascia

Painted wooden trim on wooden barns

4×4 Skid Layout

All measurements are from the center of left 4×4. Measurements are on center.

skid layout 8ft

skid layout 10 ft

skid layout 12 ft

skid layout 14 ft