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Quality Stoves For Sale From a Local Hardware Store

Jono Ace Hardware has you covered when it comes to stoves and heating department. For years we have been the area’s “go to” place for stove pipe, stove gasket, cements, high-heat paint and expert advice. In addition, we are dealers for Alaska Coal Stove, Reading Coal stoves, and Keystoker Coal stove lines. We also stock many replacement parts for these stoves. We offer shipping on parts and stoves which keeps us busy during the winter seasons.

Stove Categories

  • Alaska Coal Stoves
  • Keystoker Stoves
  • Wood Stoves
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Electric Heater
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Alaska Coal Stoves

The Alaska Stove Company has been in business since 1970. Now family owned with integrity being their reputation and excellence their solid commitment, their American made products are made to perfection. Their coal stove line is manufactured in Bloomsburg, PA. They combine perfect artistry with the expertise of local skilled craftsmen to produce a solid, reliable stove that also has the latest innovations to bring the best experience to their customers. All of their stoves are meticulously finished to perfect beauty.


Visit our manufacturers site for additional info about each stove model:

Channing III Gnome 40 Kodiak Kast Console II Kast Console III Model 140 – Single Feed Model 140 – Dual Feed Stoker Stove I Stoker Stove II

Keystoker Stoves


Visit our manufacturers site for additional info about the Keystoker Stoves

Wood Stoves

Stay warm and heat your home with our top-rated wood stoves from Ace. Shop cast iron boxwood stoves, cast iron potbelly stoves, Century EPA wood stoves, Englander free standing stoves and more!

Need Coal Stove Parts?

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Efficient And Reliable Heating Stoves

As an Ace Hardware store we can offer Pellet stoves of various brands and sizes. This includes venting, hearth pads, wood pellet fuel, and a nice selection of the common Englander Pellet stove parts. In addition, through Ace Hardware we offer various brands, levels and sizes of wood stoves that are of good quality while still being economical. Jono Ace Hardware does not offer installation of stoves however we do work closely with a local installer who does a great job for our customers.

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Remember, not only do we have the stoves and parts, but we also offer the fuel as well. Wood Pellets and Coal by the bag or by the ton.